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Books, movies, music: all the favorites of an entire generation! A unique opportunity to download the audio version of the classics.

Je bouquine - 10 to 15 year- olds

The 10 to15 year olds’ way into literature!

With Je bouquine, enter the world of literature and start building your first French library!

MONTHLY, 1 year, 12 issues, 116 pages


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In every issue, teenagers will find:

  • An original, novel written by the best contemporary authors. 50 exciting pages filled with passion
    and emotion.
  • Cultural news, a great selection of new books with interesting critics to experience the richness
    of the French language
  • Fun-filled comic strips, writing workshops and contests.
  • Major author presented in graphic novels. Universal masterpieces made accessible to all.


fleHigh quality educational tool for students in French, level III and IV.

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